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Donation to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)


[German version below / deutsche Version weiter unten!]

Several things happened in June. For us personally: Our small Fate setting “Shardland” / “Scherbenland” was awarded with the German Roleplaying Award. And, of broader interest, the “Lifeline” was criminalized for her rescue missions in the Mediterranean. I guess most of you saw the photos and videos, many, including us, were shocked by her odyssey and the misery aboard. Doctors Without Borders reported of horrible conditions in refugee camps in Libya and we were feeling helpless and too far away to do anything.

Christian and I had the idea to donate all sales revenues from “Shardland”. The book is self-published via drivethruRPG, so we have a daily overview of our sales – which made it perfect to raise the revenues as funds...

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